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Hello everyone. I have two new projects finished for today! :D

is my tribute to Sanaki from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn. She is my second favorite character in the series, so I've been hoping to complete this soon! I should have been able to do this a few weeks ago, but we all know how I am with laziness. It's completely a text-based site so there will not be any media or anything. She barely has any pictures for me to work with anyway. XD; It also includes the fanlisting, so if you are a fan of her, please join!

is my tribute to Stefan from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn. Many of you probably have already seen this as it was my site for the one-page site marathon over at Amassment. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to pull this off due to the lack of information provided about his character, but I think I did okay. At least I think I didn't sound like I was beating a dead horse. I enjoy thinking about the possibilities of his character a lot, so it was fun to write about him.

GHOST-LIGHTS.ORG has been updated accordingly. The two sites were moved from my projects page to the showcase. I've also added everyone who has asked about affiliation by this point. If you are still interested, feel free to let me know. :)

Summer is almost over, unfortunately. I absolutely must finish Micaiah before I go back to school, but I would really like to finish one of my other projects as well. I'm not sure which one it'll be yet, though. I'll let you all know when I post next time with Angels Fall First!
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GHOST-LIGHTS.ORG is finally open again. My hiatus was a lot longer than I had initially planned, but I'm happy to finally be back online. I've been wishy washy on where I wanted my updates located, but I decided I liked everyone's feedback more than wanting to customize the updates page. Therefore, this journal will be primarily used for my updates. I may or may not post other things depending on how I feel. If you no longer wish to be LJ friends because of this, I completely understand and will not be offended at all. I have a paid journal, so I figured I'd better use it for something.

In any case, like I've already said, the domain is back up. I decided to go back to my traditional way of setting the domain up since I've become less anal about things. I do have AFFILIATES again; I only kept the people who still had me listed as their affiliates. If you still want to affiliate, or if we never were and you would like to, feel free to leave a comment and I'll add you. I would really like to start talking with my affiliates again though, so I make that my only "condition" for lack of better words. I feel kind of out of the loop since I've been gone so long, but I do miss you guys! I primarily use MSN, but e-mail works as well. Also, feel free to hit me up if you just want to link exchange. Though I'm pretty sure I've linked most of you already anyway. XD;

is my tribute to Ai from Jigoku Shoujo. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while now, so I'm very happy I was finally able to finish it this past weekend. Because the show only really focuses on Ai's character towards the end of each season, I've tried to provide as much insight as possible to make it interesting and thought-provoking for the readers. She is definitely an interesting character in my opinion, so if you are not familiar with her, I'd suggest giving the series a try. This site is full of spoilers everywhere though, so I wouldn't suggest reading it unless you don't mind.

is a small shrine for Yuzuki from Jigoku Shoujo. Though I had only originally planned to make something to Ai, as I was watching the third season for Ai information, I found myself really liking Yuzuki as well. This is only a small, text-based site, so don't expect too much when going here. I wanted to give her some love though, so I'm happy to have it up. Yes those butterflies on both Yuzuki and Ai link to each other because I'm so clever like that.

is a dedication to Cheria from Tales of Graces. I really enjoyed making this site, so I hope those who are interested will enjoy reading it as well. Cheria was another character I wasn't expecting to like as much as I do, but it turned out that I actually had a lot to say about her. Obviously the game hasn't come to America yet so everything is based off of the Japanese PS3 version. Her titles page is still WIP because I've been lazy and haven't wanted to translate all of her titles. I'll work on them though...slowly.

I decided to bring back my site to Misa from Death Note a few weeks ago. I just put it up today (no that's not the exact same layout as the first version...I actually edited it quite a lot because I obviously had horrible taste in font and colors!), but I do plan on fixing it up sometime in the future. A lot of people really liked this site and the only reason I even deleted it in the first place was out of frustration. I never stopped liking Misa's character, so I thought I should bring it back. Though there was more analysis then I remembered, I do want to rewrite some stuff. Chances are I'll be basing it off the manga this time around though since I no longer have the anime to watch. Most of the old content is presently there for those who liked it.

is a very small site to my favorite Pokemon, Houndoom. I've seen quite a bit of Pokemon dedications pop up over the last year and I ended up deciding that I wanted to do something to my favorite as well. Dancing with Devils is strictly based on the games because I stopped watching the anime a long time ago.

COUNT THE STARS has images from the fourth Sylvarant OVA as well as the third and fourth Tethe'alla OVAs added. It also won site of the month over at amassment back in March, which made me very happy. I've had this site open the longest and probably have put the most work into it and it was nice to know that someone appreciated all my effort. I added the button I received as well as linked it back to the post with the nice things people had to say.

SHARPSHOOTER has a new layout because I have no idea what I was thinking with that other one. Yes, I did kind of edit one that I used in the past but that's okay. I really wanted to get the one it had off. XD;;

DEFINING ROYALTY was reviewed and given a reward by A Rainy Monday, which made my day when I received the e-mail. No matter where I stuck the button it looked awkward, so I just ended up putting it on my site page. I guess I really need to start having about pages on my sites again...haha.

ASTRALWING got a new layout a few weeks ago because I've ended up reaching almost the 20 fanlisting mark. I really haven't been going on a fanlisting spree or anything, but things that I already have sites to, or I plan on having sites to very shortly keep closing so... I figure why not? I'm not focusing heavily on fanlistings, but they're still a fun thing to have. I can't get rid of them like I've tried in the past. I'm sure there are fanlistings people haven't noticed, as well as those missing they thought I had. So, if you're interested, you can go look to see what's there.

As you can see, I've actually been relatively productive over the last few months. I wanted to get a few things done before I re-opened the domain though. I actually was planning on having two more things opened, but I got really excited after finishing Ai this weekend that I couldn't wait anymore. Right now I am currently working on my tribute to Micaiah from Fire Emblem as well as my project for the one-page site marathon over at amassment. Once I finish those things, I will finish Sanaki from Fire Emblem and then probably work on Naminé from Kingdom Hearts. You can see more of my projects on the domain, though. I guess that's all for now. Sorry the post was so long, they will be shorter from here on out. Any feedback is most definitely appreciated!

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